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Feb. 20th, 2009

I need something like fandom secrets, except for real life, lol. I want to get these things out, but... I can't for fear of hurting so many.

Song lyrics~Collapse )

And posting those... didn't help at all. Made it all hurt more... Maybe I should just go to sleep, but.... I'm not sure I could. ...I want my stuffed frog >< Why did I go and leave it in Florence? Because I would have something better Saturday? But that's two nights away.


Yoinked from morninglow

I'll call this meme just that.

It's a role playing meme, so bring your muses.

Basically, write a letter to another character. It doesn't have to be directed TOWARDS me. It can be towards anyone who replies. I'm just bored and I'm sure some of you are too. So give me five minutes to put up an example/starter, and we'll go from there okay?
I am now taking commissions for scarves and friendship bracelets/necklaces. If you are interested in purchasing any please contact me via e-mail with what you want and in what color. I'm afraid that right now I do not have a paypal account, so I can only accept cash and checks as payment. As soon as I get an account I will let you all know. Also, please be aware that I am only accepting U.S. currency.

Prices are as follows (please keep in mind they are subject to change and do not include shipping):
Scarves- $5.00
-every extra type of yarn costs an extra $2. If you want a multicolored scarf but don't want to pay extra I will look from multicolored yarn.
Friendship bracelets- all bracelets are normally 3 colors. If you want more the price will rise by $0.50 for every color you add. If you want fewer than it will be $0.25 cheaper for every color you take off.
-circular- $1.50
-rectangular- $2.00
Friendship bracelet styled necklaces- Same rules as the bracelets apply.
-circular- $3.00
-rectangular- $4.00


Please keep in mind that this is my JOURNAL, so there will be rants and such. Please try to be respectful to the people on my friends list and myself.

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